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Massage For Babies; Tips & Benefits

Massage for babies are the best ways of improving the health of the babies. The way an adult benefits from these massages are also the way the babies benefit from it. Besides bonding with the baby here are other benefits and tips for doing these massages.


Good Sleep

Baby massage cause increased serotonin levels which are meant to regulate the mood. High levels of serotonin produce a feeling of wellbeing which makes the baby sleep for longer.

Improved Moods

Babies cry because of different reasons like wetness, pain and even being sleepy. Regular massaging helps to get rid of such pains and discomfort which reduces the baby’s stress and improved behavior.

Flatulence Relief

Abdominal gas may cause pain in babies. Massaging the baby’s belly causes an increased pace of removing wastes from the body. It also helps in releasing trapped wind by the baby.

Relieving Digestion Problems

Massages help in speeding up the movement of food in the belly which goes a long way in eliminating digestive problems such as acid reflux and constipation.

Stronger Immune System

Common baby health problems are kept at bay because of massages. This causes the baby to have a strong immune system as a result.

Weight Improvement

Some babies are normally born underweight. Massage plays a major role in the baby’s process of weight gain. This makes the baby have healthy weight throughout their infancy.

Improved Motor Development

Stimulation of the nervous system is a result of baby massage. The baby also becomes aware of their body functions in the process of massage. This helps in improving flexibility and muscle control.

Relieving Congestion

Massaging the baby helps in draining the sinuses which prevents fluid from accumulating in the airways of the baby hence relieves nasal congestion.

The following are tips to ensure the baby gets the most out of the massages.

Create a Regular Schedule of Massage

The baby should always be massaged at the same time every day. This will create an expectation from the bay, and they will always look forward to and enjoy the massage. One should choose a time which they have no issues to be attended to hence increasing the time spent. The child should also not be hungry or too full; during the massage.

Good Massage Oil

Unscented edible oil should be used for massaging babies. Vegetable or fruit oil makes a good choice. Other oils that are easily absorbed by the skin include olive, avocado, and sunflower oils. Mineral oils should be avoided since they tend to clog the pores.


The massage movements should be gentle to avoid hurting the baby hence the baby may refuse massages. The strokes should move away from the heart. Such movements are more relaxing and good for sleep. Strokes towards the heart may keep the baby awake.

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Choose a Comfortable Place

The place for massage should be comfortable for you and the baby. It should be warm so that the baby does not catch a cold. Relaxing music can be played in the background, or the mother may sing to the baby during the massage.

One should also be alert to the cues being given by the baby before they begin the massage.

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